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Environment Management

Environmental Aspects & Impacts
This module is for identification and management of environmental aspects and impacts. It enables organization to recognise, rank and track significant environmental aspects and impacts providing a quantifiable significant scoring. This module allows users to identify environmental aspects and enables user to easily manage their listings of significant environmental aspects and impacts. Objectives are set to reduce the impact, difference of aspect ranking before and after measures are available through reports and trends.

Environment Management Programs
Environmental Management System provides a framework for organizations to improve their environmental performance by incorporating environmental considerations into their business decisions and risk management efforts. The system also enables organizations to define and enforce corporate-wide environmental policies, identify environmental aspects, maintain regulatory compliance, and demonstrate due-diligence.

Monitoring & Measurement
The Maintenance, Measurement & Monitoring System empowers to records, tracks, and reports the monitoring and measurement activities. This is a web-based solution that has been designed to collect, organize and archive data pertaining to controls, instrument calibrations, equipment maintenance, and their inspections.

Hazardous Waste Management
In most companies, managing information related to waste is a manual process. But this manual method severely limits a company's productivity. Waste Management System is a fully configurable that enables organizations to easily characterise, analysis and report on the various stages of hazardous waste management and its disposals. This reduces errors and allows customer service personnel fast access to all the pertinent information their clients need.

Hazardous Materials Management
Hazardous Materials Management System enables organizations to identifies who, what, when, where and why hazardous chemicals were used. It limits the issue to authorized persons only. This module enabled an organization to track waste purchases and their distribution throughout the facility or location. The system records usage of materials and displays totals for data management user.

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