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Enterprise Performance Management

EHS&S Objective & Target
EHS&S Objective & Targets System easily handles and simplifies the process of defining objective and Targets and helps to automate result tracking mechanism. The system enables organizations to effectively identify and manage progress towards achieving the safety objectives and targets that they’ve put in place to reduce or control significant safety aspects.

Aware (Safety Quiz)
Aware module enables to track and manage end-user knowledge and skill transfer across the entire enterprise. After all, informed, trained and confident users are an essential component of a successful program. Reports can be generated by location, skills group, department wise, reporting line, etc, to provide complete visibility into the readiness of the organization. Users can also be grouped as competent in a certain discipline or process providing a complete audit trail for your management teams. When processes change, end-users can be compelled to regain knowledge through incremental learning.

Acquire (Training and Learning)
Entire management of "Training Function" can be achieved with all its requirements like - Identification of training needs, planning for both internal and external programmes, scheduling, class room allocations, accessory / aids planning, individual training records, costing and budgeting, feedback system, certifications, comparative evaluation, faculty management etc including provisions for multiple locations. New content can be uploaded and distributed at anytime, and flagged as compulsory to ensure staff complete key certified training when required. This approach creates a steady trickle of relevant learning content that keeps staff knowledge up-to-date without disrupting their day-to-day workload. Learning Content can be rapidly delivered across the entire organisation in bite-sized chunks. Employees benefit from relevant and timely learning content.

Assess (Testing and Certification)
Certification Management enables business experts to quickly and easily create, deliver and measure key learning and compliance programmes without the need for any technical or programming knowledge. Integrated tracking, testing and reporting allows administrators to interrogate user progress and assess their needs, thereby gauging organizational readiness to go live on major change and compliance programmes. As a web-based solution, it is very quick to deploy and is an extremely cost-effective solution to managing your organization’s learning and training requirements. It integrates seamlessly with the entire system to create a full lifecycle learning and knowledge transfer solution.

Leagal and Statuatory Compliance
Every organization has to contend with regulations and legal requirements specific to their industry. Legal system, Permits & Related Activities System enables organizations to track critical dates and activities associated with compliance and regulatory commitments. This software is a completely web-based solution designed to track activities such as reviewing, monitoring, reporting, and follow-up actions.

EHS&S Audits & Inspection
Audits and inspection management system is designed to address every aspect of the auditing and inspection process. Scheduling audits and inspections and tracking corrective actions with planning preventive strategies becomes easy by implementing this module. This module helps in tracking every independent audit including both internal and external, prioritization of audit findings, linkage to task generation, complete organization of non-conformities, progressive escalation and reporting of balance tasks.

Award Management
Award Management is for boosting up the morals of employees and contractors by motivating them to work safely. Award Management module helps departments and contractors to nominate themselves for awards. The applicant eligible for the awards are all departments involving activities using machinery and people. Award team reviews the readings and assigns points accordingly deciding the candidate for award.

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