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Industrial Safety Management

Hazard Identification & Risk Analysis
In all plants, hazards and risk are identified time to time by using modern techniques. So in all departments /section risk and hazards are tracked and proper risk assessments are done. At the same time severity at various levels are matched with probability level and cases of intolerable, substantial, moderate and tolerable risk is identified.

Emergency Planner & Responder
Emergency Response System enables the scheduling, notification, and archiving of emergency response tests and situations to ensure corporate preparedness. It includes Resource management, Onsite/Offsite/Mock Drill, Fire Extinguisher Record, First Aid Record, First Aid Team, Rescue Team, Emergency Plan Layout, Safety Signage Records, Emergency Contact No., Fire Fighting Team, Automated Notification & Exercise Planning, Advance Task & Incident Management, Incident & Emergency Assessment and Injury & Illness Tracking.

This module captures information on incidents resulting in injury or illness and/or lost work time. It tracks compensable and non-compensable workplace injuries and illness cases, as well as near-misses. Near miss helps to track, analyze, and report near miss details which can very easily result into incident causing the potential damage to organization. Action is taken to eliminate the causes thus minimizing the risk. It includes automatic e-mail triggers for the approval of incident reports as well as the assigning of corrective actions. Incident Reporting and Investigation module enables organization to promptly report the incident, instantly notify the appropriate personnel’s, thoroughly investigate it and take measures to avoid its re- occurrence.

Behaviour Based Safety
Behaviour Based Safety module motivates employees to take out all safety measures while performing job. This is done by observing the behaviour of employees while working by observer or observation team and pointing to them the safe as well as unsafe acts. User(s) for whom targets are assigned are responsible for performing safety observation. Corrective measures against unsafe acts can be assigned to the responsible persons.

ePermit & Contractor Management
Electronic work permit regulates the procedure to create various types of Work Permits like General Work Permit, Work at Height, Hot Work, Confined Space, Construction Jobs, and Excavation Jobs etc. It identifies the work to be done, the hazards involved, and the necessary preparations and precautions for the job. When a job has the potential of causing serious injuries, it is necessary to formalize agreed upon work procedures. This prevents instructions from being missed, forgotten or misinterpreted. It also serves as a checklist to ensure that all hazards have been identified and evaluated. Complete PPE inventory is also maintained in the system. In addition, you, as employer or supervisor, and the assigned worker(s) will be able to verify that all requirements and conditions are complied with before the job is started, including the LOTO procedures.

Safety Meetings
Safety Meetings tracks safety meeting occurrences, follow-up actions identified during safety meetings, and detailed information associated with each meeting. This enables organizations to conveniently schedule safety meetings, send automated meeting notifications to attendees, and archive an unlimited number of meeting-related documents.

Road Safety
This module records information pertaining to motor vehicle accidents, Traffic Violations, Rewards and Recognization, Route Risk, Driver training and Driver Risk. Information is captured on any related injuries and other vehicles damaged. It also indicates miles driven by department, division etc. and generates various reports for analysis and actions.

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