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Two Decades of Innovation and Leadership

To forward-looking businesses, Environment Health, Safety, and Sustainability are more than mere buzzwords. They are ways to ensure both short-term compliance and long-term business continuity.

But trying to achieve that with Excel or Access is very time-consuming, cumbersome, and prone to errors. On the other hand, legacy software systems, although designed to automate and optimise your EHS&S processes, have lengthy implementation cycles and rarely deliver the kind of value that justifies their price tags and other hidden costs.

mySetu's market-leading cloud-based EHS&S and Risk Management Software are built on these experiences and offer modern-day managers, without investing unreasonable amount of time and money, all the power and flexibility they need to swiftly implement industry-standard best practices and manage their compliance needs from the convenience of their computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Our solutions have been deployed in more than 800+ locations and they empower more than 200,000+ users everyday better measure, report, and manage their mission-critical EHS&S data which in terms helps to minimize risks, increase work safety, prevent incidents from happening, and achieve regulatory compliance.



To gain competitive advantage or remain on the competitive edge, organizations are constantly searching for ways to improve performance and make better use of available resources. One of the key under-utilized resources is data . Setu provides an integrated platform which enables organizations to share and relate data across the various departments, geographic locations and functions enterprise-wide, hence maximizing the value of data gathered.


The Kick Off Call

Our blueprinting service serves as the foundation for your implementation.




Implementation is a very important component for any technology solution.




We provide end users easy-to-understand training and consulting.




Our commitment to our customers does not stop at go live.




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